Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Democratic Candidate Signs Stolen and Destroyed



In a night of vandalism, theft, and destruction, political signs belonging to supporters of the Democratic slate of candidates were stolen from private lawns, run over and otherwise vandalized at various locations throughout Stephentown.

At least two official reports have been filed with the New York State Police, and at least 6 other incidents are known to have occurred during the night of October 5. Residents are encouraged to report any incidents occurring on their property to the State Police and to keep a close eye on signs, particularly those placed on private property.

In one incident, signs supporting the “Row A” coalition of Democratic and Republican candidates were stolen from a resident’s front yard and replaced by a Neil Gardner sign. In another incident a resident’s mail box was vandalized, which is a federal crime.

Signs in support of “Row A” candidates on the November ballot have already been destroyed or removed from the following locations: Madden Road, NY 22, Goold Road, Gentile Road, Garfield Road, South Stephentown Road and Hanky Mull Road. These signs had been put up on Saturday, October 3rd.

“Sadly, more such destruction and theft can be expected,” said Andrew White, Chair of the Stephentown Democratic Committee, which paid for the purchase of these signs, “This occurred to a smaller degree 2 years ago when signs were stolen from private property on Rt. 22.”

White went on to say, “This is exactly the sort of behavior we are working hard to bring to an end in Stephentown. Our ‘Row A’ slate of candidates is a coalition of Democrats and Republicans that have shown the integrity and just plain basic decency to stand up to this thuggish behavior. We call on all sensible residents, of all parties, to help put an end to this criminal behavior. Enough is Enough.”

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