Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lawsuit by Gardner Supporters Dismissed



Acting Supreme Court Judge Roger McDonough ruled today to dismiss a lawsuit filed by supporters of convicted felon, Neil Gardner, seeking to throw out the entire Stephentown Democratic slate for the upcoming election. The candidates chosen at the Democratic Caucus held September 18 at the Fire Hall, attended by over 150 Stephentown Democrats and their Republican guests, will remain on the ballot. Voters are now ensured of a choice in the November election, although it is possible that an appeal could be filed.

“We are very pleased with the decision of Judge McDonough”, said Andrew White, Chair of the Stephentown Democratic Committee. “This was a completely frivolous suit, and represents the action of a desperate candidate. It was filed in an attempt to divert the focus of this campaign away from the fact that a convicted felon is running for the same office in which he committed 24 felonies. This is the real issue. We expected diversionary tactics such as this, as well as the campaign of vandalism, theft and destruction that Gardner and/or his supporters are waging in Stephentown. We expect that on Election Day, Stephentown residents will say Enough is Enough.”

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