Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Superintendent of Highways: Alden "Aldie" Goodermote

Alden Goodermote
Highway Superintendent

Aldie Goodermote seeks your support for election as Stephentown Highway Superintendent. Aldie is a lifelong resident of Stephentown and graduated from Berlin Central School. He first worked for many years at Sykes Store and then joined the Stephentown Highway Department in 1992.

Aldie was appointed Highway Superintendent in October, 2008 when Neil Gardner was forced to resign following his conviction on 24 felony counts in his role as Highway Superintendent. Aldie has done an outstanding job since taking over. He has brought honesty, integrity and accountability to a position that has lacked all three for the past two decades. Aldie works full time as part of the highway crew, as well as serving as Highway Superintendent, saving Stephentown the expense of a full salaried position, nearly $50,000 a year.

Within months of Aldie’s appointment, Stephentown was able to implement a Fuel Management System that accurately accounts for the fuel used by each town vehicle. It is also shared with the Stephentown Fire District, which had been seeking such a shared system for a long time, but which had always been opposed by Neil Gardner. This is a prime example of how Aldie can help move Stephentown forward.

For those who live on town roads, a dramatic improvement in quality and oversight has been observed since Aldie became Highway Superintendent. Aldie can be seen almost daily, taking inventory of the condition of each of the town’s roads, and follow up by he and his crew is immediate. No better example can be given than the tremendous work by Aldie and his crew during the recent flood.

Aldie works well with an experienced, well-established crew. Each brings his own strengths to the department and Aldie uses these strengths appropriately. He looks forward to continuing with this crew, as well as adding other, capable, honest employees as members of the crew approach retirement. The opposition has promised to dismiss all current employees and to create an entirely new crew. This would be a disastrous direction for Stephentown to take. Aldie also works well with the other local highway departments, and the Rensselaer County Highway Department. He knows what it means to engage in “shared services”, a concept his predecessor could not understand.

Aldie is honest, dependable, and hard-working. He represents a complete break from the chaos of the past. He has demonstrated what he can do. He deserves your support for election as Highway Superintendent in Stephentown.

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