Friday, October 23, 2009

TO: Our Friends and Neighbors of Stephentown

October 12, 2009

TO: Our Friends and Neighbors of Stephentown

FROM: The Stephentown Democratic Committee

Over the past two weeks several attempts have been made to distract the focus of the current election campaign. A lawsuit, since dismissed, was filed in Supreme Court in an attempt to steal your right to a choice in town elections. Political signs have been stolen and thrown in the woods; lawns left torn up by tire tracks and mailboxes bashed in by bats. This has occurred at homes of both Democrats and Republicans. The common factor is that all this activity has been directed against people opposed to the return of convicted felon Neil Gardner to office. While Neil Gardner is by no means the only issue facing Stephentown this year, he has, unfortunately, made himself the most divisive one.

Is it in the best interest of Stephentown to have a man convicted of 24 felony counts while in the performance of his duties as Highway Superintendent returned to the office he was removed from upon conviction?

Or, is it better for Stephentown to move forward, leaving legal troubles and embarrassments behind us, by keeping Aldie Goodermote as Highway Superintendent?

We believe the choice is a clear and obvious one. Aldie Goodermote is well known as an honest, hard working man of integrity and ability. He has done a superb job this past year. His work during the flood has been widely praised. We believe Stephentown is best served by electing Aldie and all the Row A candidates who will work with him for the best interests of Stephentown on Tuesday, November 3. The choice rests with you.

Neil Gardner has many friends and supporters in town that continue to stand by him. This is understandable. He is a lifelong resident who held the office of Highway Superintendent for over 20 years. It is very unfortunate that his actions have become so divisive, and destructive of the well-being and reputation of our beautiful town. Do not let his tactics confuse the real issue.

The Stephentown Democratic Committee, its coalition slate of candidates, and their supporters, have not and will not, engage in juvenile and illegal behavior. We do not condone vandalism, theft or political game playing of any sort. This is not what we stand for. Our platform is one of Integrity and Accountability in town government.

We offer you a slate of experienced, hard-working and honest candidates committed to serving the interests of everyone in Stephentown. We ask that Stephentown residents stay focused on the facts, and make wise decisions on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

Stephentown Democratic Committee:

Andrew White Bill Jennings Mary Grant Bill Sell

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