Wednesday, November 04, 2009



Democrats scored a decisive victory on election day as voters turned out in huge numbers in Stephentown and provided Democrats with almost a complete sweep of offices.

“This was a great day for the Town of Stephentown, and a great day for Stephentown Democrats”, said Andrew White, Chair of the Stephentown Democratic Committee. “The voters have clearly chosen to move forward in a positive direction. We offered residents a slate of hard working candidates with proven integrity, honesty and commitment to the well being of the entire Town of Stephentown and the final vote reflects that. We are very grateful to our friends and neighbors turning out in record numbers for a local election.”

Cyril Grant was returned as Town Justice by an overwhelming vote of 758-307 over challenger Joe Champion. PJ Roder and Chris Demick were re-elected to their second terms on the Town Council, receiving 633 and 664 votes, respectively. Challengers John Meekins and Donald Burdick received 387 and 374 votes, respectively, in a race that was never close. Town Clerk Patty Gallup and Tax Collector Ruth Rieger appeared on both the Row A and Row B, receiving totals of 976 votes and 998 votes, the vast majority of which were on the Democratic line.

Appointed Highway Superintendent Aldie Goodermote was elected to his first full term by a vote of 682-445 over Republican Neil Gardner, a convicted felon who had been removed from office the previous year. Republican Larry Eckhardt, ran unopposed for Supervisor and receiving a stunningly low total of only 491 votes.

Stephentown’s Democratic sweep was almost total as candidates for County offices also scored victories. Judge Andrew Ceresia received 619 votes over Charles Wilcox’s 386. In the race to replace retired Stephentown resident Judge Linda Griffin as Rensselaer County Family Court Judge, Troy Attorney Beth Walsh received 526 votes to 418 for Arthur Dunn. In the race for the two County Legislator District 5 seats, Democrats Suzanne Putnam received 468 votes and Bob Melesky 440. Republicans received their only good news of the night as incumbent Lester Goodermote edged out a lead with 478 votes while incumbent Stan Brownell came in third with 458 votes.

“A new era has begun in Stephentown,” said White. “The voters have spoken. Today’s results show that residents want a government that works for everyone.”